Sunrise Over Indian Lake
In 2004 I decided I wanted to take more pictures, so I started a Picture a Day project over on, in fact my gallery is still up there at I took a photo a day for about 16 months. Then my son Reece turned about 6 months and I grew weary of taking a picture each day. Fast forward to 2011, and I have started a brand new Picture a Day project. Which you can get to using the link above. I am a full time dentist, dad, and fan of all things tech and the internet. Post a comment below to say hello or you can connect with me on Twitter @dougsandquist.

Douglas Sandquist

I enjoy taking photographs of family and friends and this is a
great place to display them for all to see and enjoy!

Currently in year 3 of a photo a day. If you have any questions or comments about these photos you can contact me via email at

Welcome To Sandquist Photography

  • I live in the desert... and I do miss the fog sometimes. I enjoy taking photos in the fog! I liked the mysterious feel to this. Day 88 of 365 03-29-2013

  • These may be the last of the flowers on in the mountains and they already had 4 inches of snow this week with temps below freezing so I was pleased to see these today! 10-08-2011

  • These gerber daisies are hanging in there.. I took a picture of them last Sunday, which you can see Here This is a bit of a different feel... I had a little bit of fun in PP... Glad the weekend is here! 02-18-2011

  • Went for a walk in the mountains today and found these little guys.... Need to look up what they are sometime, kind of neat how they droop a little bit as they get older... Kind of like real life! 07-30-2011

  • These are silk flowers that I decided to photograph today... Day 18/365 01-18-2013

  • Still no smoke from the Carpenter Canyon fire, but I hear there are still hot spots. We had a fun evening drive through the Red Rock Scenic loop this evening. day 194 of 365 07-13-2013

  • Took a day trip to Death Valley today. Been a very long time since I'd been there. Probably over 25 years in fact. I didn't remember much. I hope to have a Gallery up by tomorrow, i'll post a link when I get the gallery ready... This is at Zabrisky Point... the actual Zabrisky point is just to the right of this image. Guess this is where all the Borax mines are located. Had a great day overall... Had fun on the Salt Flats of Badwater, the lowest elevation in the United States, at -282. No need for a reflector there!.. I took pictures at high noon and the faces were adequately lit! :) Oh and gas at Furnace Creek is $5.75 for regular, and $5.96 for premium! 04-30-2011

  • My wife bought the cool bunch of roses at the store today and I really liked how the textures looked in B&W.... I did do a bit of dodging and burning to add a bit of depth.... Day 52 of 365 02-21-2013

  • J found a pair of my wife's fun shoes... These are from the sales rack and have never been worn until my daughter found them today! Day 104 of 365 04-14-2013

  • So, my son the other day mentioned he wanted to make a rubber band ball... He found this one at the dollar store and decided it would be more fun to buy it rather than make it... Day 120 of 365 04-30-2013

  • Kids had a fun birthday party this afternoon! This was a favorite image... Day 173 of 365 06-22-2013

  • Leaning Barn

    I was at my Cousin's house/farm today and found this old barn that is ready to fall over! I guess a few months ago or it might be years ago it just slumped over. And is now ready to be demoed. I had fun trying to capture the slumping barn today! Day 218 of 365 08-06-2013

  • Red Roses

    My daughter picked these out today! Day 224 of 365 08-12-2013

  • Evening Palms

    Thought about turning these palms into black and white but I kind of liked the blue sky… so I went in a different direction to keep it! Day 262 of 365 09-19-2013

  • A Day on the Lake

    Captured this on Lake Mead at about 12pm. The recent rains have helped a few sprigs of vegetation turn green. I liked the varying colors in this capture! Day 258 of 365 09-15-2013

  • Sunrise Over Indian Lake

    I woke up this morning and realized the sun was starting to come up, but it wasn't up all the way so I jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera and raced for the edge of the lake. This was my favorite capture! Day 223 of 365 08-11-2013

  • Pink Flower

    Went for a walk in today and found this cool pink flower. I have no idea what kind of flower it is but I liked it's contrast against the green background. Day 236 of 365 08-24-2013

  • Pink Roses

    These roses opened up at were pink in the middle, the whole time I thought they were yellow roses! Day 251 of 365 09-08-2013

  • Bag of Apples!

    Not much to photograph today but a bag of Apples! They are delicious. Day 269 of 365 09-26-2013

  • New Chalk

    The kids got new chalk… Day 230 of 365 08-18-2013

  • So, this is how I make almost instant coffee... Espresso ground with a burr grinder, mug of hot water warmed in the microwave(I'm way to lazy to wait for the tea kettle, sadly.) and then make two shots of espresso into the hot water... My version of an Americano, or Doug's Instant. Day 13/365 01-13-2013 more notes:

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